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You’ll be able to find something to do in Cannon Beach no matter what your expectations are. From the simple pleasure of strolling the beach at sunset to the exhilaration of wrangling winter steelhead there is indeed something for everyone.

If you want to enjoy a weekend away without spending all your cash there are plenty of free sightseeing activities to keep you engaged. When the tide goes out around Haystack Rock a vibrant swath of tidal pools are exposed and visitors can spend an engrossed afternoon gazing into the watery homes of tiny crab, nudibranchs, and sea stars. Dip your toes into the chilly Pacific Ocean, catch a brilliant sunset as you sit by a bonfire, hike the rugged bluffs at Ecola State Park, or spend an afternoon window shopping in eclectic downtown.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of culture, Cannon Beach offers a number of sophisticated activities. You can easily spend an afternoon or two perusing the number of fine art galleries showcasing photography, watercolors, bronze sculpture, fine jewelry, blown glass and more. Take a scenic drive to the winery for some wine tasting or sign up for a gourmet cooking lesson. For an evening out choose from several elegant dining options and then head to the local theater for live entertainment.

Perhaps you need action and adventure. Try a surf lesson in the mighty Pacific Ocean or a sunset horseback ride. Fishing trips, kiteboarding, and paragliding are guaranteed to fill your adrenaline quota. If a simple thrill is all you need spend the day cycling through town or flying a kite on the miles of beach.