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While I don’t have any actual numbers to back up my theory, I would guess that at least 50% of the homes are investment properties, or personal vacation rentals. The market for homes in Cannon beach is typically a bit more of a seller’s market than a buyer’s market, due to demand and limited land to build on. However, it is still subject to the same economic factors as the rest of Oregon, or the US for that matter.

Properties can be found in the upper $300,000 range, and sometimes even below, although most that I’ve seen are in the upper $400,000’s and above. There are plenty more expensive properties if that suits your needs.

A large percentage of owners either rent their property out as a vacation rental themselves, or have one of the local property management companies handle it for them.

There are only a handful of agents actually in Cannon, and I recommend that if you’re looking to buy or sell that you work directly with them since they’ll know the inticacies of the local market and offer much more expertise in this matter than most out of town agents, even the ones just down the road in other neighboring towns.